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Humic DG | Black Gypsum DG
UltraMate LQ | K-Mate SG

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Humic DG

The benefits of all three humic fractions - humic acid, fulvic acid, and humin - in an easy to use, dispersing granule.

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Black Gypsum DG

A unique bio-amendment combining natural gypsum and humate in one, homogenous dispersing granule.

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UltraMate LQ

Sulfonated potassium humate liquid that completely mixes when added directly to liquid fertilizer, micronutrient or pesticide formulations over a wide range of pH values.

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K-Mate SG

Concentrated, soluble granule formulation of potassium humate providing maximum efficiency in solutions ranging from 6-12 pH.

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The Andersons Humate Products - Humic DG, Black Gypsum DG, UltraMate LQ and K-Mate SG - represent the next generation of soil health. These humic acid-based soil amendments are designed to reduce the effect of the environmental stresses of water, temperature and soil conditions on crops. With two technology platforms and two humic acid delivery methods, these products work in a program approach to provide the crop access to humic substances throughout the growing season.



As the major organic component of soil, humates are used in many applications, from specialty agriculture and horticulture to professional turf and large-scale farming. Acting as a natural soil conditioner, organic chelator and microbial stimulator, humic acid has a unique carbon matrix which includes a high concentration of trace minerals and organic acids. Humics work to enhance the plant’s ability to take in essential nutrients and to improve soil structure.



At The Andersons, we pride ourselves on bringing to market some of the highest quality and most technologically-advanced products available. Our line of humic acid-based soil amendments utilize two technology platforms - Dispersing Granule Technology (Humic DG & Black Gypsum DG) and Soluble Granule Technology (K-Mate SG) - delivering humic substances to the plant with some of the most efficient and biologically-advanced humic acid delivery systems on the market today.