Introducing Black Gypsum

Authored by John Pope

In the Spring of 2013, we focused our communications on a few things: 1) the upside to including humic acid in your nutrition program, and 2) the advantages of Humic DG over other soil amendment products.

This summer, The Andersons Turf & Specialty Group launched a second product in our humates line – Black Gypsum DG.

Black Gypsum DG is a dry, dispersing granular product, and is composed of 70% gypsum and 30% humate. In addition to generous amounts of calcium (12%) and sulfur (8.9%), Black Gypsum DG delivers 21% humic acid in every application.

I am often asked: “Why Black Gypsum DG over other types of standard gypsum?”

  • First, our gypsum source is calcium sulfate di-hydrate (CaSO4·2H2O), which is more water soluble than the anhydrite form (CaSO4) because it has two extra water molecules. These extra molecules make calcium and sulfur more quickly available to the plant – as soon as Black Gypsum DG enters the soil solution.
  • Along with the dispersing granule technology and the di-hydrate form of calcium, a plant receiving a Black Gypsum DG application can begin utilizing the nutrients in hours, rather than in days or weeks, as with the the anhydrite form.
  • The quick-acting humate found in Black Gypsum DG provides further chelating of applied and existing nutrients, increasing their availability to the plant.
  • Applying gypsum and humate jointly also helps to improve soil structure.

Also like its “older brother” Humic DG, Black Gypsum DG contains two forms of organic carbon available to the plant: a plant derived carbon source and a bio-organic derived source. Together, these two sources of organic carbon have been shown to increase soil carbon, chelate macro and micro nutrients, increase CEC and stimulate beneficial soil biology.

With irrigation or precipitation, Black Gypsum DG, with its Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology, delivers calcium and sulfur directly into the soil, without changing soil pH.

Here are some other Black Gypsum highlights:

  • Contains two naturally-occuring materials in one, homogenous prill
  • Acts as a flushing agent for soils with high salt levels
  • Increases soil CEC to improve nutrient performance
  • Relieves soil compaction

Let’s Talk Economics
Black Gypsum DG applied at 10 lbs/acre in-furrow provides 2x the humic acid as 1 gallon of 12% liquid humic acid for about two thirds less the cost. Pound for pound, Black Gypsum DG provides more available humic acid than most liquid humic acids.

Calcium, sulfur and 2x the amount of applied humic acid as a 12% liquid humic acid product — what’s not to love?! Black Gypsum DG offers economics and agronomics in one, homogenous package.

For Black Gypsum product listings, make your way to our Products page.

Interested in trying Black Gypsum DG for yourself? Click here.

John Pope is a Territory Manager for The Andersons, Inc. Turf & Specialty Group, with a focus on high-tech, high-value solutions for the professional turf, horticulture and agriculture markets. John has been in the Plant Nutrient Industry for 33 years. He can be reached at: