Black Gypsum DG Now Available In Canada

The Andersons Plant Nutrient Group is proud to announce that our Black Gypsum DG™ product is now registered [as Black Gypsum] as a supplement with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). This Canadian regulatory certification complies with the requirements and standards of the CFIA fertilizer and supplement laws, making Black Gypsum DG available to the Canadian market.

Black Gypsum DG also carries an OMRI listing and California Organic Material certification for organic use in the United States.

Black Gypsum DG is a calcium sulfate dihydrate and humic acid based soil-applied supplement, designed to enhance soil microbial activity and increase the uptake of applied nutrients. Black Gypsum DG addresses soil issues like soil salinity and high bicarbonates levels.

Black Gypsum DG’s combination of mined gypsum and humate in one, homogenous prill provides sources of available calcium, sulfur and humic acid. This product is especially helpful with annual crops that have a high calcium requirement or an immediate need for calcium due to a soil deficit.

Patented Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology provides dry, spherical, easy to apply granules that dissolve quickly on soil surface into thousands of micro particles upon contact with soil moisture or irrigation. This technology allows for reduced application rates, as compared to other agricultural-grade gypsum products, making Black Gypsum DG a very economical soil amendment.

Black Gypsum DG can be applied through a wide range of application methods: variable rate technology (VRT) equipment, in-furrow, bedding, broadcast and strip tillage.

Black Gypsum DG can be blended in all fertilizer materials, including urea. It can also be blended with nursery and greenhouse soil mixes.

Black Gypsum DG has a wide range of applications, including: fruit and vegetables, row crop agriculture, greenhouse, fine turf, and ornamental uses.

For more information on Black Gypsum DG and the rest of our complete range of humic solutions, visit our products page.