Certifications & Research

Improved plant health, improved plant quality and increased crop yield. The benefits of humates and humic substances have been recognized by professionals and academics throughout the industry.

Looking for our OMRI certifications? Those can also be found here.

Our Certifications

Our Humic DG, Black Gypsum DG and K-Mate SG products are listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

OMRI listed farm and garden products meet the true test of the USDA National Organic Standards, clearing rigorous reviews to guarantee the purity of additions to your soil. With additional strict limits on the presence of harmful heavy metals and pathogens, you won’t be adding these contaminants to your soil when you choose OMRI Listed products.

CDFA-seal-7cm-4col-spacingTo view OMRI certifications for Humic DG, Black Gypsum DG and K-Mate SG, visit omri.org.

Our Humic DG and Black Gyspum DG products are certified as an Organic Input Material (OIM) in the state of California.

Research from Around the Industry

The studies below illustrate the numerous benefits of the use of humates and humic substances:

Organic Matter – Importance in Soil Fertility and Plant Health (PDF)

A Review of Humus and Humic Acids (PDF)

Effects of Urea, Humic Acid and Phosphate Interactions on Ammonia Volitilization (PDF)

Humic Acid releases Phosphorus From Soils (PDF)

Humic Substances Increase Crop Yield (PDF)

Humic Substances Lateral Root Formation (PDF)

Humic Substances Influence Creeping Bentgrass (PDF)

Nitrogen Fertilizers and Humates (PDF)

Humates in Agriculture (PDF)

Humic Acids – Their Detergent Qualities and Potential Uses in Pollution Remediation (PDF)

Remediation of Fire-Induced Hydrophicity (PDF)